Sartin: Love, Family and Food

Filipino food is all about culture and family. It is about recipes passed on from generation to generation.

Sartin who just opened its doors last June 23, 2018 at Summit Ridge Tagaytay pays homage to the true meaning of Filipino cuisine.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetFrom the makers of Josiah’s Catering, Sartin upholds the quality and service that Josiah’s Catering is known for.

Sartin is inspired by the three hometowns of the three generations of their family. It showcases dishes from Quezon, Tarlac and Bacolod. It shows how family and food come together and create such a beautiful masterpiece.

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During our visit, Sartin showcased some of their dishes. I started off with their Sartin Salad (P425) which is composed of mixed lettuce, red radish, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and dried squid then tossed in pineapple vinaigrette topped with kesong puti. I loved the different textures and flavors. The dried squid gave the salad a nice tinge of saltiness. The vinaigrette was the right mixture of sweet and sour.

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We then went on with the main dishes. We tried their Valenciana (P495) which is Illonggo’s version of paella. It’s made from glutinous rice, turmeric topped with seafood, pork and chicken.

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Another dish we tried is their Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy (P949). This was a favorite of mine. It’s simple but bursting with so much flavor and texture. They paired the humble lechon with salsa which made this dish so unique.

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My ultimate favorite was Jet’s Kare Kare (P545). This is the best kare kare I’ve tasted so far (Don’t tell my Grandma). The flavors of the different cuts of meat just turned the sauce into a melting pot of different flavors. Plus with their house made bagoong, it was just a wonderful.

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A very interesting dish is their Pritong Itik (P655). It is native itik that is cooked low and slow with oil, garlic, salt, pepper, herbs and then fried until it’s crispy. This is another favorite of mine. It was very new to me. But I absolutely enjoyed it. Paired with vinegar and their Kalkag Rice(P215) which is fried rice with dried shrimp, it was perfect.

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Escabeche na Isda (P635) is another dish we were able to try. It’s fried fish in a sweet and sour escabeche sauce, cilantro and mango salsa. The flavors are different from your traditional escabeche.  It was very different but very yummy.

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Sartin is a wonderful place to showcase the beauty of Tagaytay. The place is decorated with simple pieces. It is not at all intimidating. It is very homey and very comfy.

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Sartin is a place for family and loved ones to come together and enjoy a wonderful meal. Sartin is the place to make new and special memories.

Food is something that nourishes us. At Sartin, their food does not only fill your belly but it also tells a story. A story of a family that poured their hearts out into the food they cook.

Love, culture and food that is Sartin.



Summit Ridge Tagaytay


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